I have a few simple loves in life, some of them being:  art, nature, adventure, and storytelling.  I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember, and filling them in with colour and paint or capturing them through a lens for well over a decade.   I have worked in oil, watercolour, and most recently acrylic paint- focusing a lot on contemporary portraiture. I am interested in personal history and what can be revealed and concealed with the use of colour and brushstrokes to create an image of a person's face.  Memory, longing, and loss are themes that I commonly explore in my paintings.

With photography, I tend to approach the world with an anthropological curiosity.  The same impulse toward narrative finds its way into my images.  I like to explore abandoned places and ruins to mine for hints of the past- who may have occupied these now barren spaces and what their relationship and history was there.  My aim in taking photographic images of objects, buildings, or ruins is to capture and communicate something of the spaces- whether it is the history, the chaos, the sense of mystery, or the emotion that I sense lingering there

My recent mixed media pieces have been a marriage of sorts between my painting and photography practices.  I am able to edit the images I capture to extract one main point of interest- an abandoned house, a vintage car laying in a field, or mining machinery that lays stoic and silent while whispering of a booming and complicated past.  Here again, I am sifting for narrative while exploring memory, longing, and loss in what has been left behind.

Although the storyteller in me desires to construct a narrative for the spaces in my photographs, the painter in me creates artwork that is more open ended- free for interpretation with different points of entry or emotive response.  Using mixed media as my medium, partial photographic images provide one piece of the story while the rest of it is composed through the layering of paint, using colour to create mood, and by applying found objects to provide texture and connection to the physical space represented in the artwork. 

Viewers are invited to ponder the objects and enter the space, to hear the whispers and ghosts, to respond to the story I am telling and then create a narrative all of their own.